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The secret to a successful business is having a team of people to back you so that you can do what you do best - execute your vision and serve your clients.

and I'm here to join forces with you.


You scroll Pinterest until your eyes are bleeding -- trying to settle on the perfect shade of periwinkle for your business only to end up with your skin crawling, website bare and brain rattling with frustration (ugh!)


You consider yourself to be pretty tech-savvy -- but after hours of working on your website -- all you have to show for your effort is a corporate looking webpage that you feel luke warm about actually sharing with anyone


The very thought of tech makes you want to run to the hills so you avoid it altogether -- convincing yourself you don't NEED a website but feeling your face flush when you see your peers share their perfectly crafted webpages


OK friend...hold on tight!

here's a little taste of what's possible for you.

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Want to learn more?

Let's Connect! Just fill out my contact form with a little bit about yourself and what you are envisioning for your biz - and I will be in touch ASAP about how we can make it a reality!

Can't wait to chat!


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You will receive simple digital tips to help you go from losing your sh!t when you attempt to do anything 'techy' -- to being showered with compliments from your colleagues as you set up your newest opt-in with complete ease.

Looking forward to having you!

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I've got you covered!

As a health entrepreneur...

It is highly unlikely that you got into your profession because you had a keen interest in tech and design...
And it's unlikely that your schooling taught you all of the ins and outs of technology, branding and design.
There is nothing wrong with you.
In fact - you are perfect and you are perfectly designed to guide your clients to health and happiness.
I KNOW how hard it can be to let go of control and outsource parts of your baby -- your business.
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Helping health & wellness entrepreneurs create captivating websites and digital spaces that attract the clients of their dreams with ease.

web design - lead magnets - course creation - copy

We cannot say enough about our experience with Kristin & Manifest Digital. Kristin designed a website for us and we are blown away by the end result. She took the time before we began to truly understand our mission, vision and style. From that one meeting, she took unbelievable initiative and created something so strong, so on brand and completely exceeded our expectations. It is rare to find someone whose work is as strong as their relationship skills and Kristin is the outlier. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, met all deadlines and created something we are beyond proud to share with the world.

Lauren & Joe Gibbons
Are you a kick-ass wellness entrepreneur who wants a digital space that accurately reflects your essence, attracts dream clients and brings your big ideas to life?

You are in the right place!


Let me guess ... you're not one to brag but...

TBH -- you are pretty stinkin' amazing at what you do!!!
AND you know that if you could just get your digital ducks in a row -- you could have even more of your dream clients pouring in.
But when it comes to the tech side of your business --
You fall into one of three categories...

which one are you?

Hey there! I'm Kristin <3

I am here to help you create a digital space that accurately reflects your essence, attracts dream clients and gives you a deep sense of pride in your beautiful work!
I am a PT by training - but what I learned in my journey as an entrepreneur is that my heart most thrives in the digital space.
I am so excited to become your business' bestie and help you create a digital space that attracts dream clients.
From website design to copywriting to beautiful and functional sales funnels -- I am here for you!

reporting for biz bestie duty!

Can you relate?

don't worry! you are not alone...

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