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Plug-N-Play Website Designed Specifically for PTs & Coaches

Copywriting Prompts Built Into Every Section on Your Site

Videos to Guide You Through Setting Up Your Site

SEO Resources

Kick Off Messaging & Branding Exercises

1 Year Subscription to Wix (+ custom domain) $288 value


Offer valid until January 31, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. Limited Coupons Available.


Offer valid until January 31, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. Limited Coupons Available. All prices are in CAD.


from perturbing indignation

to powerful inspiration


for Physical Therapists & Coaches
Everything you need to effortlessly launch a beautiful website that works to 'wow' site visitors and inspires dreamy new clients to reach out wanting to work with you!


Heart-Centred Ideas + Captivating Web Design + Compelling Copy

= digital magic for you & your soon-to-be clients


You will receive professional, fully-customizable website template that has been designed specifically for the needs of Physical Therapists & Coaches. Writing prompts are built directly into the template so that you can powerfully communicate what you do with ease.


Click "publish" to unleash your magical creation online and be proud of what you have created! 


The foundation of a great site lies in the vision. We have included a few worksheets and exercises to get your creative juices flowing so that you feel in touch with your mission and inspired to bring your ideas into the digital space.

This comprehensive system will guide you through the process of mastering the equation and creating a bangin' website!

Infuse your magical essence into a beautifully designed and brilliantly worded website that works to attract and inspire dreamy new clients to work with you.

She's more than a template...

She's a full DIY website and she's about to become your new biz BFF and your hardest working employee


Fully Customizable

Infuse your unique brand into the fully-responsive template with just a few clicks.

User Friendly

Easily add content to your site with the content editor. Swap out images, icons, links and more without affecting the overall design. So simple your grandma could do it! And for the freedom seekers out there (I see you too, friend), you will still maintain full ability to drag and drop elements.

Linked, Loaded & Ready to Launch

9-pages -- Home, About, 3 Service, Contact, FAQs, Privacy Policy and (when you're ready) Blog Pages -- all designed specifically to meet the needs of Physical Therapists and Coaches.

Everything You Need To Infuse Your Essence Into A Professional DIY Website

Includes everything you need to get started (or to complete your digital facelift) -- 1-yr Premium Wix subscription, custom domain, logo files & more. Plus, you will receive messaging exercises and prompts so that you can infuse your beautiful essence into your digital space.

So, my fellow pt/Coach!

You daydream about starting your own coaching business or physical therapy practice, but you feel overwhelmed knowing where to even start... and so you put it off. Next thing you know, months have passed and you haven't made any progress on your dreams.

Your heart sinks a little as you paste the link to your website in the comment of your latest FB post -- simultaneously hoping people are interested in clicking but also worrying they will dislike your website as much as you do.

You have heard that 'all of the online stuff' is NOT important in growing a successful business, but deep down you know that you would feel so much more energized if you had a digital presence that showed the world what you have to offer.

You have spent hours (and I mean HOURS) on Wix and Canva and Pinterest and Google AND anywhere else you can find design inspiration for your website only to turn out something that feels cold and looks bland ... and worst of all, doesn't seem to be getting you any compliments or clients.

You are an independent contractor and while you absolutely love where you work, and who you work for, you feel a knot in your stomach when your friend talks about working on her website because you don't have your own, and while you LOVE your workplace, the clinic branding doesn't truly feel like you.

If any of those describe you, I have just the thing that will set you on a powerful path!

Is there any part of you that can relate?

But first...

The secret to a website that works to both attract visitors and inspire them to work with you depends on the strategic interplay between your copy and design

In other words, WHAT words you write and HOW you organize them on your site are both important! With a robust design, strategic prep exercises and copywriting prompts, this template will guide you, from start to finish, to create a website that works to 'wow' future clients! This one-of-a-kind system will guide you to easily craft a beautiful website that authentically reflects your business and works for you!

Ready to get started?

okay, superstar!

Before we go any further... you have to know why this matters.

But first, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kristin and I help PTs and Coaches create beautiful websites and write compelling copy so that they can thrive online and reach more people.


I am a PT by training - however, what I have learned through my entrepreneurial journey is that I love love LOVE (and am most gifted at) the build.


I love digging deep into the mission and vision of a business, and then creating a functional system that serve as a beautiful representation of that greater picture -- one that appeals in unexplainable ways to the people who have been knowingly or unknowingly seeking your services. 

My mission is to help more heart-centered healthcare professionals bring their gifts and ideas into digital space so that they can reach more of the people who need them. It's more than having a pretty website. At the heart of a functional digital space is the beautiful interplay between essence, messaging and design -- and I am here to help you unlock the magic of the digital world.


When crafted properly, your website will act as an authentic extension of you and your beautiful brand.

Here's the thing: the digital world doesn't have to be a place that is riddled with fear of being misunderstood or frustration with tech. I am here to make it simple for you! I have taken the process I use for creating custom sites and made it into a DIY experience in order to offer an accessible option for creating a beautiful and functional website that you can feel 100% proud of and has clients singing your praise.


What I know for certain is that there is at least one person on this planet who has desperately been searching for someone just like you. And I want more than anything to remove any barriers to you sharing your gifts with the world. Someone, somewhere is looking for someone like you. I know, because I have been on both ends AND I have helped people in both places. So are you ready to step into the spotlight?

Someone out there is seaching for you and your gifts. It's time to stop hiding and start shining your beautiful light in the digital space <3

Ready to manifest a kickass website?

Here's what you will receive:

Prep Exercises

Our templates have been designed around copy that converts your site visitors into dreamy new clients. Copywriting prompts that were created specially for healthcare service providers are built directly into each template! This means that you will be guided to write words that speak to your prospective clients and it is already organized in a way that has proven to help Physical Therapists and Coaches, just like you, to draw in more amazing clients, through your website. Our worksheets will take you through a few prep exercises that will help you identify your audience, your values and your key messages and then guide you to infuse this information into your site.

Video Modules

You will receive immediate access to a bank of videos and resources, organized in a step-by-step format (some might call it a course). Each of these short videos will guide you through the process of customizing your website to accurately reflect your unique brand!

A Beautiful, Ready to Customize, Complete Website Template

Once you have purchased your template, you will receive an email inviting you to your brand new website! You can expect this within 48 hours (we need a little time to warm her up for you). From here, it's game on. You can either follow the checklist to set up your site, or work your way through the video modules! Can't wait to see you bring your vision to life!

Plug it in with just a few clicks!

and she's ready to start working for you!


We cannot say enough about our experience with Kristin & Manifest Digital. Kristin designed a website for us and we are blown away by the end result. She took the time before we began to truly understand our mission, vision and style. From that one meeting, she took unbelievable initiative and created something so strong, so on brand and completely exceeded our expectations. It is rare to find someone whose work is as strong as their relationship skills and Kristin is the outlier. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, met all deadlines and created something we are beyond proud to share with the world.

Joseph Gibbons

- Author, Speaker, Professor, Coach

Kristin’s creativity and brilliance in being able to take my vision for my business and piece it together so beautifully, far exceeded my expectations. I’ve had great feedback from clients and other practitioners in the ease of navigating the site as well as content. She was able to keep a high level of professionalism in the website while bringing out my uniqueness. I had full trust in Kristin’s ability to create a professional and unique website that represented who I am and who I serve. I felt 100% confident in her vision and process and I felt free in giving feedback so that I was 100% satisfied with all the content.

Anna Earley

- Women's Health Coach

No matter how hard I tried to get my website to reflect me and my spirit, I just kept ending up with a very corporate and cold vibe (and that was totally NOT what I was going for). Fast forward to working with Kristin--she took my collection of ideas, words, and my brand values and transformed them into a beautiful website that 100% reflects my brand, myself, and the warm friendly vibe that I want my clients to have when they're considering working with me. She took what was in my head, and made it a digital reality. If you're still reading this, just hire her already. You won't regret it ; )

Sarah Dueffert

- Physical Therapist

I knew for a while I needed a revamp and update to my website and copy. I wanted to work with someone that could draw attention to what I was missing and bring to life what I had envisioned. Manifest Digital Creation did that and MORE! The design and copy flowed and reached my demographic. It brings me joy to see everything updated and fresh and has brought new life to me and my business. Manifest Digital Creation understood exactly what I wanted, and didn't know I needed, as a health, fitness and wellness professional. Thank you Kristin and Manifest Digital Creation for your hard work and creative spark!

Stacey Carswell

- Athlete Performance Coach

Working with Kristin was so easy! She was able to create exactly what I was looking on multiple projects! She was timely also. Kristin was even available to answer my questions or help me with implementing aspects of my project when I needed it. She created some very beautiful work for me that reflects so much of my and my brand. It's perfect!

Jodi Miller

- Physical Therapist & Coach


My clients typically invest a minimum of $5000 (and up to $10 000) for a custom website. You can get that same custom feel, for a fraction of the price with this one-of-a-kind template designed specifically for Physical Therapists & Coaches. Imagine how you will feel when you have a site that brings you a complete sense of joy in your work and the people who have been searching for someone just like you. Ready to get started?


$ 1,197CAD




Offer valid until January 31, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. Limited Coupons Available.

Before you go...

If you aren't sure where to start, want help figuring out if this is the right investment for you OR are feeling any little bit of confusion in understanding what in the heck you are getting, please reach out and I am happy to personally answer any questions you may have!



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