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for PTs & Coaches
DIY a website that works to 'wow' visitors and inspires dreamy new clients to book with you
from Corporate to Compelling

Captivating Web Design + Compelling Copy

= all the dreamy clients

Can you relate?

Your heart sinks a little as you paste the link to your website in the comment of your latest FB post, simultaneously hoping people are interested in clicking but also worrying they will dislike your website as much as you do

You have heard that your website and social media and all of the online stuff is NOT important in growing a successful business, but deep down you know that you would feel so much more energized if you had a digital presence that showed the world what you have to offer.

You have spend hours (and I mean HOURS) on Wix and Canva and Pinterest and Google AND anywhere else you can find design inspiration for your website only to turn out something that feels cold, looks too bland or unprofessional and doesn't seem to be getting you any compliments or clients

You are in the right place my friend and I have something that will help you!

This free template will help you design copy for your homepage that:

Captivates your homepage visitors

Makes them feel at home with writing that reflects your essence

Inspires them to take action and work with you

will show you how to piece it into your design!


Here's a secret...

A website that works to both attract visitors and inspires them to work with you depends on the interplay between your copy and design

In other words, WHAT words you write and HOW you organize them on your site are both important!

Ready to learn how?

Hey You!

Let me introduce myself! <3

Hi friend! My name is Kristin and I am the founder of Manifest Digital Creation and I am here to help you create a digital space that accurately reflects your essence, attracts dream clients and gives you a deep sense of pride in your beautiful work!


I am a PT by training - but what I learned in my journey as an entrepreneur is that my heart most thrives in the digital space.

I am so excited to become your business' bestie and help you create a digital space that attracts dream clients.


From website design to copywriting to beautiful and functional sales funnels -- I am here for you! Grab your free template and then please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need additional support!

reporting for biz bestie duty!

Just enter your email to receive a FREE copywriting template & design guide to help you to write magical words that reflect your essence and inspire your website visitors to work with you!

Ready to 'wow'?

Check your inbox!

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