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FREE Website Audit for Physical Therapists, Coaches & Health Entrepreneurs

A FREE 30-MINUTE STRATEGY SESSION and WRITTEN REPORT with the top 3 action steps necessary to up-level your website and effortlessly train it to become your hardest working employee!


Are you a loving healthcare entrepreneur who is wondering...

where in the heck you should invest your time, energy and money so that you can free up space and build a caseload of dreamy clients who have been looking for someone just like you?

You know that your digital marketing could play a crutial role in helping more clients find you, but just as soon as you log into your Wix account, you are ready to throw your computer across the room. Or, maybe Canva is like a drug for you and while it feels good while you are doing it, before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you are left with a racing heart as you berate yourself for not producing anything 'useful'. Or maybe, you are the kind of person who has soaked up all of the information that is bombarding you on social media and now you feel completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

Does your site function like an awe-inspiring adventure through Rome or is it more like a corn maze?

Wondering if you need to start a blog for your SEO?

Has the time come to transition from your boring academia-inspired writing style to compelling copywriting that inspires visitors to want to take action and work with you?

Does your website look like it was made by a fifth grader during art period - leaving potential clients feeling uneasy?

Wondering how to drawn in the people you most love to help and have your website work for you to convert them to clients?

Don't worry! You are in the right place my friend!

I can help you get clear on what you need to do to improve your site to reach your biz goals!


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Learn exactly what YOUR website needs to accurately reflect your gifts, attract more visitors & inspire clients to sign up to work with you!


Hey there! I'm Kristin <3

I am here to help you create a digital space that accurately reflects your essence, attracts dream clients and gives you a deep sense of pride in your beautiful work!
I am a PT by training - but what I learned in my journey as an entrepreneur is that my heart most thrives in the digital space.
I am so excited to become your business' bestie and help you create a digital space that attracts dream clients.
From website design to copywriting to beautiful and functional systems -- I am here for you!

reporting for biz bestie duty!

Here's what to expect

if you prefer surprises - skip over this part ;)
Fill Form

Click the button below. Fill out your name, email address, website URL, top 3 goals for your business and your top 3 challenges when it comes to the digital and tech side of your business.

Schedule Call

Once you have completed the form, you will be prompted to schedule your strategy session. Please note that the session must be at least 72 hours after your form has been submitted to allow time for the audit!

Review Audit

Show up to our call! We will chat about your business goals, digital barriers and review the high-level results of your website audit and recommended action steps to get the most out of your website and digital spaces.

Take Action

If you are interested in hearing more about what it would look like to hire MDC for your digital needs, we can chat about that as well BUT please know that this is a no-pressure call and the main purpose is to give you a few actionable steps to help your biz!


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What's Included?

A FREE 30-minute strategy session and written report with the top 3 action steps necessary to up-level your website and effortlessly train it to become your hardest working employee!



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Looking forward to having you!

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from corporate to captivating

from crickets to fireworks

from arts & crafts to a masterpiece

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