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East Mill Physio and empow(HER) Volleyball were born in 2020

out of a desire to help set teen girls up for lifelong success in their health, life and sport. What I learned through building those programs is that my impact best lies in collaborating with other practitioners in the digital space to empower others.

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Kristin Bignell East Mill Physio

Hey there!

I'm Kristin - PT clinic owner, teen wellness coach and digital creator for health pros

I use my background in business and Physical Therapy to help healthcare entrepreneurs create digital spaces that reflect their essence and attract the clients of their dreams. From branding and web design, to social media templates -- I am here to help you bring your vision to life to that you can share your gifts with the world.

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Kristin Bignell -- Website Designer for Physical Therapists

The beginning

I have been a Physical Therapist for 7 years and clinic owner for 3.​

So -- how in the heck did I get here?

Let me tell you...

I landed what I thought was my dream job one year after becoming a Physical Therapist -- I took a leap of faith and joined a small new clinic with big dreams, working closely with a clinician I highly admired to help hold a vision and build a plan.


I thought I would be there forever...


But 2020 had other plans for this life.

When the world shut down -- so did the clinic.


And so I did what any sane person would do in the middle of a pandemic -- I started my own practice <<insert melting face emoji>> and East Mill Physio and empow(HER) Volleyball were born.

AND what I have learned through the entrepreneurial journey has been life changing and led me to some amazing places and people!

The middle

With my new practice​ I got down to work -- dreaming up a business that served the most special clients and which fully reflected my values.

In just 2 weeks -- I whipped up a website and set up digital systems that I was truly thrilled to share with the world.


I did it, and did it well -- replacing my income within one month of opening.

But I never quite felt settled.​

So -- I spent the next 2 years of entrepreneurship trying to find my groove by:​

  • Starting a new side business (with it's own website and course platform)

  • Merging said business with my existing business (So I had a good excuse to update my website -- hehe)

  • Creating new programs (with expertly crafted landing pages and email automation sequences)

I would wholly and completely immerse myself in the vision of how my newest idea could help x,y and z

I would spend hours making sure that the website and digital systems were expertly crafted to accurately reflect the vision and create a user-friendly and warm experience.

It always went well:​

  • I had a consistent influx of dream clients (whom I had never met) booking directly from my website

  • I booked 14 paid assessments from my very first webinar

  • I filled 3 group programs in 2 years

AND I would always get compliments on my website and instagram designs -- an added bonus.

But each time I worked on a project -- the passion of the vision quickly faded when it came time to execute the program.

My heart would sink and I would end up feeling so lost.

On the surface -- it looked like everything was running smoothly.

But once everything was set up, ready to go and it came time to execute ... it always felt like a heavy lift.​

Here's a little bit about me and how I got here.

catch you on the other side.

New beginnings

And the secret was this -- I was trained as a Physical Therapist but ... I don't love client care (blush).

I enjoy working with clients and empowering them to achieve their goals ... but it's not where I am most fully in my element.

What I have most enjoyed through my journey is being able to help clients by bringing lofty visions to life by:

  • ​​Hosting webinars that empower parents of teen girls with the information they need to help them set their daughter's up for lifelong health and success

  • Creating programming and course modules to educate teens on the information that we all wish we knew when we were younger

  • Building websites that accurately reflect the transformation that is possible and drawing people into the clinic where they can be empowered

That's the part I love and that is where my true talent lies. 

My true passion lies in collaborating with other healthcare practitioners - like you - to help you craft the most aligned digital spaces.

These days I still take good care of my first two business babies -- but my role looks different -- it is one of nurturing the business, holding the vision and supporting the team that keeps it thriving so that we can continue to serve our community and support athletes to stay happy and healthy throughout their life in sport.

And the rest of the time I get to help others create the digital backbone of their dream business so they can create their impact without wasting time on tech :) 

Whenever you are ready -- I am here to help hold your vision and work with you to bring it to fruition.​​

If you want to team up and create something truly special for you and your clients -- I would love to chat!

Looking forward to connecting!

For years I had been keeping a secret -- one I didn't even know...

and it was hiding behind my job title.

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