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5 Keys for Framing Your Website

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Picture this...

You've finally amped yourself up to start adding some new self-care into your routine and you are excited to find someone to support you. You're browsing the web, searching for a new acupuncturist when your trusty pal Google introduces you to 2 practitioners.

The first -- a reputable practitioner that you recall your friends have raved about. You click on their website site but after a single scroll you quickly realize that your best RBF has made an appearance. The site is bland, and you can't quite put your finger on whether it is the poor spacing, weird colours or lack of fonts that has your brain feeling scrambled and like your excitement has been doused.

The second -- a practitioner you have never heard of, but which happens to show near the top of your Google search. You click on the site and immediately feel your heart flutter as your excitement is further fuelled. You quickly dive into the words and before you know it you have spent 10 minutes reading every word on the website. You feel like you totally know this girl and like she knows you. You just know that she is exactly what you need. You book an appointment.

Now, have you ever wondered this:

Have you ever wondered why some websites instantly grab your attention while others make you want to swipe three fingers left (for my fellow Mac users ;)) and run for the hills?

Well, aside from the obvious aesthetics, it has to do with framing. You can think of framing as a fancy way of arranging information on a website to make it look appealing and grab hold of your visitor's brain.

Even before you start reading the words on a website, your brain is processing billions of pieces of information and subconsciously making a decision as to whether or not you a. trust the source and b. feel connected enough to want to take action.

For this reason, the way you set up your website is extremely important!

Here's what you can do to frame your website in a way that sets it up to capture the interest of the clients who need you and your unique gifts.

  1. Set the Right Mood: Imagine walking into a fancy party where the decor is all mismatched and weird. Awkward, right? Well, websites are like parties too! By choosing the right colours, fonts, and images, we can create a mood that reflects your essence and draws clients in. Whether it's a cool and modern vibe or a warm and friendly atmosphere, the way things are organized and designed visually sets the tone and makes people go, "Wow, this place is what I need!". I'll say this until my eyes pop out, be consistent with your branding!!!

  2. Show People the Way: Have you ever wandered aimlessly around a website, clueless about where to find what you need? It's like being lost in a maze with no breadcrumbs to follow. Smart designers organize menus and content in a way that makes sense and is enjoyable. They use tricks like big buttons, fancy arrows, and clear headings to say, "Hey, look here! This is what you're looking for!" It's like having a friendly guide who says, "Come this way, my friend. I've got what you need!" Additionally, our brains tend to pick up information in an "L" pattern and so placing key information in the right spot can be key in getting potential clients to take action.

  3. Words that Work Magic: Now, let's talk about the wording on a website. Good copywriting uses framing too. Cleverly crafted headlines, snappy taglines, and irresistible buttons can make you say, "I want that!". It's like a salesperson who knows exactly what to say to convince you. They sprinkle some magic words, add a dash of humor, and voila! You're hooked!

  4. Trust Me, I'm Popular: Have you noticed those websites that proudly show off all the people who love them? It's like a popularity contest where they go, "Look at all these happy customers! You're gonna love us too!" By framing testimonials, reviews, and logos from big-name clients, websites build trust. It's like saying, "See? These folks vouch for us, so we must be awesome!" It's like being in a club where all the cool kids hang out.

  5. The "Do It Now!" Button: Cleverly framed CTAs use colours that make them pop and words that make you go, "I gotta have it!" It's like a virtual salesperson with a megaphone going, "Come on, you don't want to miss out on this amazing deal!" So, don't resist the temptation. Give that button a little click and see where it takes you!

Framing is like the secret sauce of website design and copywriting. It's the art of arranging things in a way that grabs attention, guides users, and makes them want to stick around. From setting the right mood with visuals to using words that work magic, framing is the key to creating an engaging and memorable online experience.

If you need help designing a website that manifest your biz vision, reflects your essence and expands your reach, please don't hesitate to reach out!

All the best,

Kristin Bignell

Kristin Bignell -- Manifest Digital Creation

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